About me


    So I see that you found my website so WELCOME<3 <3 <3

~Allow me to introduce myself, My name is Gerald “BlackYoshi” McCrae III. I’m a high level Super Smash Bros 4 player/FGC player. I live and breathe fighting games and want to become a super known player/content creator. I am also a Bisexual so I want to be the “Bi-con” or the “Bi-Kage” of the LGBT gaming community. This is a dream that I have always had in mind 

                    – -ORIGIN OF MY TAG- –

    A lot of people ask me ” Why is your tag Black Yoshi?”
            This is from the Nintendo Comics in Germany (last time I checked)
But I read this and I felt very reflective to me, even though he was my favorite Yoshi he was isolated the WHOLE comic because he was a “Black Yoshi”.
I went to an all white elementary school that was transitioning to a regular public school and this basically happened to me from kindergarten – 3rd grade.
I always usually just tell people half the origin of my tag which was “he’s my favorite yoshi” because oddly my backstory for my tag is sort of a sad story vs everyone else’s Player tag origins
But someone recently asked me about this and of course I had to finally say the 100% origin of my tag 

But YEAH there’s a little life of Gerald and the reasoning why my tag is Black Yoshi☺️
(The ending of the comic papa Yoshi teaches the other yoshi’s race/color doesn’t matter and its ok to be different. Good ending yeah)

                    –Favorite Video Games–

The hardest question I get ever…

      Favorite game EVER is Custom Robo. it a 3D Mecha fighting/shooting game. The Music is crazy godlike, the gameplay is hyperactive which is my favorite and the all around look and aesthetic is just amazing to look at.              Favorite fighting game series? it has to be a toe between the Tekken series and the Marvel vs Capcom. Tekken was my very first fighting game ever touched and I fell in love with it on first hand. I played Alex the Dinosuar and Julia Chang so those are both my mains but I mostly play Julia ( So look out for me when that Tekken 7 DLC drops)                                                    Favorite pass time games? Bayonetta, Splatoon, and Minecraft. Usually after a stressful day/weekend of tournaments I usually pop in one of these 3 games and hop in a discord call to relax and just enjoy the rest of my night  

                    –Fun little Q&A–

How old are you- I am 21 😀
Favorite Foods – I LOVE FOOD!! but if I had to break it down My favorites are Lettuce wraps, Sushi, Bang Bang Shrimp, and ANYTHING BREAKFAST      Favorite Sweet – know if you guys know me I love sugar (a little too much) My favorite sweets without thought is Cinnabon! If you ever need to get to my heart buy me a Caramel Pecan Center of the Roll or a Cinnabon Chillatta                                                                                                                             How long have you been playing Super Smash Bros. – I’ve been playing smash since I was 3 years old since Smash 64. Yoshi main born and raised     Ethnicity- African American and Indian (Blackfoot tribe)                                 Favorite Anime-  Sailor Moon and Zatchbell. New anime would have to be either Hero Academia, Darling and the Franxx, and “GAMER!”                         Favorite Music- Vaporwave, R&B, Alternative Rap, Hip Hop, Bounce Music