BYB: First Impressions of Smash Ultimate in Virginia

Nintendo is resurrecting  a classic once again and they are bringing MORE of a punch into this game along with….more punches of course

Official Cover Art of Super Smash Bros Ultimate

YO YO! It’s Ya Boi Black Yoshi Starting off my New Segment of “Black Yoshi Banter” with the newest game coming out Friday Dec. 7th 2018 “Super Smash Bros Ultimate” Super Smash Bros. is a fighting game series created by Masahiro Sakurai  where characters from the Nintendo Franchise such as Mario from Super Mario Bros., Samus from Metroid, Link from Legend of Zelda, and others such as our newcomers for Smash Ultimate; Isabelle from Animal Crossing, Simon & Ritcher from Castlevania, Ridley who is also from the Metroid Series, and King K. Rool from Donkey Kong Country, and many more….like 70+ more! . You can go one on one or 8 man free for all to battle it out  against your friends, rivals, family members, anyone who feels they want to settle it in smash. Smash Ultimate was announced a little earlier this year AND THE WORLD ERUPTED!!! ( I was almost late to work cause I was crying and mentally shattered). Now we are finally a DAY away from having it in our hands, luckily I was actually able to play the game at events with Resident players of Southern & Northern Virginia such as EGAZ, Promaelia, Scifire, PaPa Leo, wonderful duo of Lord and LadyLuck, and even some members of the team i’m on Dominion of Power! We all super enjoyed it in our own little individual ways and we are ecstatic to have our own copies to practice on.

Of course I asked the veteran Smash 4 players their thoughts and observed how they played Ultimate live & Locally. I did most of my practice with EGAZ since we will be going to future events together, he states ;”I love the freedom and creativity of the game, I can play way more aggressive then I ever could in smash”. It’s funny he states that because while playing versus him I notice that his playstyle is actually WAY more aggressive then it was in smash 4; his cloud in Ultimate is way more polished to what he likes in combos, setups, edge guards, etc. Seems like he will be our cloud main for Southern Virginia and I am super excited to see him prosper. He also has a twitter where he will be posting content which will be his Twitter @egazdk

Promaelia (Left) and Black Yoshi (Right) flexing off their tattoos showing off their favorite franchises by Nintendo

Next of course is my OG Partner and Best Friend Promaelia. Most Smashers know him as our “Crimson Red Hero” or of course one of the Top Corrin and Palutena mains. One of his favorite characters, Chrom from the Fire Emblem Series; has entered into Smash Ultimate as a playable character.
Playing vs Promaelia you can tell 130% that he is giving every last piece of himself into this Smash Ultimate, we both played matched for hours end and he already understands, mastered, and stepping forward in being one of the best Chrom mains to be in the Smash Community ( Were talkin about “Tattooing the Chrom Symbol on our shoulder” kinda stan),  also from Promaelia; Palutena also got crazy buffs that makes her a better character from the last, so we’ll definitely be seeing a lot more of the fan favorite goddess of light in play from him and also from others at out of state tournaments. Promaelia says ” They game feels faster and more rewarding when you have stage control, they’re so many options now and the game is a lot faster”. Which I also do agree with, he’s gonna be practicing his butt off so please check him out on Twitter @Promaelia to keep yourself updated on those characters.

Afterwards, I got a little “Lucky” to talk with and watch LadyLuck herself & her unmatched Lord play Ultimate hands on. For those who don’t know, they didn’t really enjoy Smash 4 as much as they liked the previous title Super Smash Bros. Melee; but when they got their hands on ultimate they were eager to play more. Their specialty is playing in teams, where it’ll be two set of players vs another set of two players, they gained synergy with each other in a blink. Lord being super in depth with the Smash Series as or resident Ganon Main, he says “Even though buffering is weird, the game feels fresh and looks glorious”; he also admires the design of the characters in the game as well. Lady continues to play Peach and also enjoys how she plays in Ultimate, ” I’m super exited to start streaming this, it only really goes up from here”. LadyLuckHerself streams occasionally on twitch.tv/LadyLuckHerself so if you wanna learn some peach tech and join in on viewer battles please check her out, she is also on Twitter @LadyLuckHerself. 

I also got to talk with other players who are jumping into the Smash games first hand such as Papa Leo. Papa Leo is a big FGC head & TO, he is one of the top players for DBFZ, UNIST, and more. He actually played the game hands on himself along with Promaelia, I didn’t really get to talk to him but he really did have a fun time playing and learning the game; but mostly he was having fun playing the game like everyone else. He does speak on playing the game on release and getting “gud”, which would be remarkable to see since we’d have a high leveled FGC player in the mix, his twitter is @PapaLeoGG if you would like to see him grow in smash or dominate in any other FGC events.

Green Alternate Color Inkling (Me) Wins Over Mewtwo (EGAZ)

My Thoughts? Smash Ultimate is going to spread like wild fire. This game now feels like a fighting game, the design on everyone in the game looks like they put their all into them, the new Menu screen is clean. I just can’t believe we’re getting ANOTHER smash game. In my opinion, the is indeed a lot faster, the neutral in this has changed in a huge way, most characters feel more playable, in the end; this game is way better than smash 4 and there is no reason to NOT play Ultimate. The Character that has my main focus of course is Inklings from Splatoon, Princess Daisy from the Super Mario Series, and Yoshi from Yoshi’s Island of course. I will be talking about the characters i’ve played more in depth in my other blog segment “Yoshi Smash”.

This game is gonna go nuts, and I simply can’t wait to see what we’ll have in store for DLC, new players being birthed, and the majors to come along the way! Smash Ultimate releases on December 7th, 2018 so make sure you grab your copies and become the best of your area. other then that it’s ya boi black yoshi and i’ll see y’all after the function. Bye babes <3 

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